How to choose the best suitable health care plan

Recently, I have got quite some quote requests on health and dental plans. Not only because health care costs are getting more and more expensive, partly because lots of companies had been gradually reduce (or even cut) their group benefits; and the other part is, of course, we have more seniors retiring and that they no longer covered by their group benefits.

In general, health and dental plan consists of 3 areas: extended health care (Chiropractor, Naturopath, Registered Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Physiotherapist and so on), dental and drug. Each consists of different level of coverage (in terms of percentage and a max $$ amount per visit/condition). Here is a chart we had done to outline a commonly structured extended health care coverage.

The main players on personal health and dental plan are Manulife, Sun Life, Desjardin Financial, the Edge and Blue Cross.

Due to the cost on the services, dental is always the main thing people are looking for. However, among all these carriers, there is NO dental ONLY plans available in Ontario and Manulife is the only carrier that will offer dental and extended health care without drug plan. Desjardins' Solo and Manulife offer a bit of flexility that people don't have to take dental coverage if they don't need it. 

I am including the plan descriptions here from these carriers, that will give you a good understanding on what is being offered 

Desjardins' Solo

The Edge Medical:
Manulife Insurance:
Sun Life:
Sun Life and Manulife offer online quote, that gives us an idea on how much cost on what we pick. 
In my opinion, if you already have an idea how much your medical expenses look like, always choose the plan that will give you the most coverage that you need. If you have no clue what you spend on extended health care or dental, and budget is not the main concern, then do not go with basic plan. Take a deluxe or enhanced plan just to make sure the coverage is sufficient.